reCuiem wins Best Film at Miami Short Film Festival !


reCuiem Valentina CarneluttireCuiem Valentina CarneluttireCuiem Valentina Carnelutti

I'm very proud and happy to announce that reCuiem won the Miami Short Film Festival  as Best Narrative Film !

Schermata-2015-11-11-alle-11.46.48After a fantastic week of short film, the 14th annual Miami short Film Festival reached its endpoint on Saturday, November 7th at the Cinepolis Theater in Coconut Grove.

On this evening a handful of our esteemed judges took the stage and presented the winners of each category to a full house of filmgoers. Approximately 8 Directors went home with awards and we could not be more proud to announce the official winners of this year’s festival. Congratulations to the following films in becoming the winners of the 2015 Miami short Film Festival in the following categories:

Best Narrative Film:

“Recuiem” directed by: Valentina Carnelutti (Italy)

Best Animation:

“Tik Tak”
directed by: Zeynep Kocack (Turkey)

Best Experimental Film:

“Simon” directed by:Camille de Galbert (USA)

Best Documentary:

“Man Under” directed by: Paul Stone (USA)

Best Local Film:

“Red Herring” directed by: Paul-Vincent Alexander (USA)

Best Music Video:

“Lo!” directed by: Matt Devine (Australia)

Best Web Series:

“The Incredible Life of Darrell” directed by: Darrell Lake (USA)

Best of Festival:

“Simon” directed by: Camille de Galbert (USA)

Director’s Choice:

“Home” directed by: Amelie Wen (China)

This film has been supported by many people whom I here again wish to thank from the deepest of my heart. And all my gratitude to those of you who created it with me! Valentina